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Vanessa Handal-Ghenania

Vanessa Handal-Ghenania is the founder of Petits Poussins Family Daycare and VHG Group Inc., early childhood language schools (daycares and preschools). Born and raised in Haiti, in a trilingual household (French, English, Creole), she earned two Masters’ degrees from Columbia University: One in bilingual education and one in School Building Administration.

As an educator, Vanessa gained experience both in the classroom and outside. Vanessa was a proud Primary English teacher for three years and the English department coordinator for two years at the Lycée Français de New York at the beginning of her career in education. In the spring of 2014, after the birth of her third son, Vanessa launched her first family daycare, Petits Poussins.

In a short three-year-span, she created three other daycares/preschools around New York City (West Harlem and Upper East Side). Arc En Ciel (2014), Petits Poussins Too (2016), and Bilingual Nest (2017) were created under the umbrella of VHG Group Inc, early childhood language schools. These daycares and preschools all provide a bilingual curriculum, inspired by the Education Nationale and New York Department of Education, in French and English. Bilingual Nest also provides a bilingual Spanish option.

Petits Poussins Family Daycare, Vanessa’s “original child,” remains very dear to her heart as it is where it all began.

Our Mission

We make learning FUN! Our children’s well-being, happiness, academic, and language development are at the foundation of our learning model.

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